Salary Growth of Australian People in Graphics Design Field

Let’s know Average Graphic Designer Salary Australia and also How to financially grow as a graphics designer. Read full articles and explore what’s strategies help you for learning and also grab good salary growth.

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Starting a career as a graphic designer in Australia required many skillsets, tools knowledge, and visualization things. As a graphics designer, you need to learn many things along with the process. In Australia, you found much competition for getting a high-package job. So many times you think about what is the average salary for a graphic designer in Australia? Right!

Freelance Graphic Designer salary per hour

Freelance Graphic Designer hourly rate Australia 2023 depends on the skill and experience of the graphics designer. A junior graphic designer salary Australia is around $ 40 AUD and mid weight graphic designer salary Australia is between $40 AUD to 60 AUD and an experienced graphics designer salary in Australia is around $80 AUD.

Graphic Designer rates per hour depending on the companies you choose or clients you choose. Hourly rate for graphic designer between $40 AUD to $89 AUD is about the services you offer and the people you work with or the complexity of the work.

How much do graphic designers earn Australia?

Graphics designer in Australia depends on the experienced and expertise the designer has. It also depends on the Niche that they choose for working. It’s around $73,694 to $107,398.

Delivering high-quality service with a good knowledge of design is a very important thing for your salary growth. Many designers depend on quality jobs with good salary growth but always remember your financial growth always depends on the knowledge and expertise you have.

You need to understand what factors matter for seeking high opportunity along with your career goal. We define below four points that need to consider while getting started career in Graphics Designing.

Four key point which help you consider your first job

In starting phase of their career in Australia, best graphic designers melbourne need to focus on some important things such as the company that they choose, Education and Certifications, Location and Demand, and Industry specialization.

You were still confused and asked why these points in mandatory and explain in detail. Let’s explain to you in a very better way.

Industry Specialization

Before starting a graphics career in any Industry need to check which things are in your interest. Graphics design services include many types of works such as UI/UX Designer, Social Media Poster Designer, Illustrations Designer, and more. Before you start a career in any specific location you need to research what type of demand is in these specific locations.

Location and Demand

Selecting the right location is very important for your career growth. Let’s understand how?. When you start a career in an industry which have an expert team that has a good year of experience and expertise that impact in your initial growth. The extremely growthful environment helps you grow fast.

Also working on demanding skills helps you to make a unique space in the market and it helps you to make different from your competitors.

Education and Certifications

Getting a good job in a very demanding environment needs a high-quality skillset. Getting good expertise needs practice in making perfect designs that aligned with the company’s desire. In current situations, many companies hired designers based on basic skills so, cracking interviews in any company required basic skills.

If you want to crack the interview easily then start first learning about graphics design and upgrade your graphics skill to an intermediate level.

Selecting a Right Company

Selecting a company is really very confusing to work, a beginner does not know how to choose the right company. We know still in your mind have confusion about what is the right step to take to select the right company and the right environment.

Strategies to Increase Graphics Designer Salary

Sometimes you heard about many of your friends who are getting a good hike in salary and you think about how it’s possible to make good growth in little time.

It’s a big puzzle for many graphics designers to make it happen. To move on this path need to go through bellow mentioned path.

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Enhance Your Skills

Every graphics designer starts with this point of ‘Learning’ Many times you heard this line, “Learning is key to success”. First start learning, understand how all things are working, and How to make it better than your competitor.

Learning graphics skills is very important as a beginning your career in Australia. The more thing you explore more you know about concepts of designing.

Focus on one Trending Niche

Selecting your working niche is as much crucial as selecting a good company. A highly demanding niche is helping you to financial growth. It builds a unique path from your competitor and boosts your confidence. Working on a Targeted niche that meet your passion is feel better to us.

Gain real experience and Expertise

When you start exploring the things on graphics design and start making creative things you are ready to set your mindset for getting more as you want. Over time you need to explore and share your ideas and expertise on multiple social platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

All platforms help you to network with some industry expert people who give you advice to grow in the industry. It’s only a better option to get good experience and knowledge to grow more and fast as much as you grab the experience.

Build Strong Portfolio in One Year

When you are capable of making a creative and industry-standard graphical thing you need to make a strong portfolio for client approach and also it’s very useful while getting a job. The portfolio helps you to show your creativity and work expertise.

Some sites which help you to create the best portfolio for your site:


Communications and Negotiations

Do you think like, Why communication and Negotiation are important? It’s important while you are working as a freelancer or you are going for an interview. Grabbing any new opportunity for making a business and getting a new job need good communication and negotiation skill.

While you working as a freelance designer or remote designer you need to attend more meetings and conversation calls to it’s help you to growth.

How Graphic designer starting a Career in Australia

Starting to career in graphics design is not hard. Some students do not have any ideas or paths for beginning a career in graphics design. It needs an understanding of the factors that matter while beginning your career in graphics design.

  • All Designing things on graphics designer work.
  • Best learning resources
  • Industry trending niches
  • Current avg salary for beginner
  • Finding the best company according to your niche goal
  • An environment that builds a strong mindset
  • Skills that improve our learning
  • Strong portfolio
  • All basic tool expertise

Making money as a graphics designer literally needs some learning about financial growth strategy. It helps you to make money using many ways like freelancing, as a company employee, or a remote job.

Becoming a self-employed graphics designer needs an amount of experience in designing and also need good communication skills, client-approaching skills, and also negotiation skills. Working on all skills you can be a self-employed graphics designer.

Successful graphics designers have the amount of experience and expertise for dealing with every type of concept. For becoming a successful freelance graphics designer need to explore freelance platforms, learn strategies for growing on platforms and make your profile automate.

Graphics Designers required amount of skills such as visual communication, sketching, creative thinking, Typography, Color scheme identification, Expertise in trending tools, Branding, problem-solving, and also learning and time management.


Selecting the best computer for a graphics designer needs to attention many things such as Processing Power, Memory (RAM), Graphics Card (GPU), Display Quality, Storage, Connectivity, Software Compatibility, Upgrade Potential, Portability, and Budget.

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