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24/7/365 WordPress Website Care,
Maintenance & Tech Support

WordPress Care Plan - Be Safe, Stay Current.

Business owners: Your website is critical to your business’ success – Who is taking care of it while you are minding your business? If the answer is “no one” then consider a WordPress Care Plan managed and cared for by WordPress Experts.

Your Website Is Critical To Your Business - Who Is Taking Care Of It While You Are Minding Your Business?

As one of the most important assets in your business, it’s vital that you keep your WordPress website updated, protected and online. If your website is offline or has a major issue, this will affect your revenue and your customers. If you are too busy to do this then you are a good candidate for our unique WordPress Care Plan.

Every Website Needs To Serve The Needs Of Your Business.

Have content updated, be secure, and fast loading time speed. Running your business is demanding enough as it is. Adding more monitoring and managing tasks to your to-do list would be a distraction, or worse yet, a tipping point to potential disaster.

24/7/365 WordPress Care Plan

Business owners need their website to work 24/7/365 and that is where Envision WordPress Tech Support comes in. Our WordPress Care Plan support plans are designed with you in mind, ensuring your website works… so you don’t have to stop work to fix and maintain your website yourself.
WordPress Care Plan – Full-Service Task Support

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly And Yearly WordPress Maintenance Service List

1. Weekly Maintenance Tasks

  • Perform daily backups website and store safely off-site
  • Perform WordPress core updates
  • Perform WordPress plugin updates
  • Perform any WordPress Theme updates
  • Check all pages are loading without any errors
  • Check all forms and Captcha Codes to ensure they are functioning and working correctly
  • Remove spam comments or spam form submissions
  • Check for any 404 errors
  • Review uptime logs – If there are any significant downtime periods; review with tech support at server-side hosting to ascertain why; and correct, fix bugs, etc.

2. Monthly Maintenance Tasks

  • Test the loading speed of your website using GTMetrix or Pingdom Tools. If your website loading speed is over 2++ seconds, it needs PageSpeed and YSlow scores fixed/optimized
  • Review previous month security scan stats and ensure that all issues are resolved
  • Check your company website SEO statistics are being saved in Google Analytics or any SEO tools your are using
  • Check how your website is performing in the search engines. Are you visible locally?

3. Quarterly Maintenance Tasks

  • Run a series of IT tests to see if there anything that needs improving?
  • Graphics, photos and copyrights – Are these all up to date? Do any of these need updating to newer versions?
  • Check your meta titles and meta descriptions – have you correctly set each of these on every page we did not create for you?
  • Do each of the pages of your website have a clear Call to Action (CTA) and that CTA’s email notifiers are successfully going through?
  • Are all of the forms on your website user friendly and giving a clear success or failure message when used?
  • Check if all forms Captcha Codes up to date?
  • Test website to make sure it’s loading well responsively – across computers, laptops, tablets and on mobile devices
  • Review uptime logs – are there any worrying trends with your hosting provider if we are not hosting your site?
  • Review uptime logs – If there are any significant downtime periods; review with tech support at server-side hosting to ascertain why; and correct, fix bugs, etc.

4. Yearly Maintenance Tasks

  • Renew your domain name(s) and SSL Certificates
  • Check your hosting contract and make sure it’s the most suitable one for your business and/or website size
  • Update the copyright year in the footer of your website
  • Make recommendations to consider on the design and navigation of your website to better suit your website visitors

Content Maintenance Tasks

  • Add new sections, page content, images, and their SEO Metadata, as requested or recommended
  • Delete any page content, sections, images, as requested or recommended


Before we can accept your website onto one of our Website Care Plans, we need to run a Website Audit and Health Checkup to determine if everything is in order, how the site was built, plugin licenses, theme check, SEO and much more. Your Website Audit fee will be refunded after signup of any of the three WordPress Care Plans listed below – Learn more about Website Audit
Note: If we built your website or you are having a new site built then there is no need for a Website Audit.

WordPress Care Plan

Sign up now. No contracts. Cancel at any time.

At time of sign up you will be contacted to collect necessary information and exchange credentials to set up your account, website, emails, and if you need a website migration, etc.  You are welcome to call before signup to give us your your information, credentials and instructions first.


1 Account
$ 119
  • VPN Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Optimized
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates
  • Security & Malware Monitoring
  • Remote Backups - Daily
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • SSL Integration
  • 2 Small Tasks A Month* (up to 1 hour per month)
  • Priority Email Support
  • No Contracts.
    Month-To-Month Subscription.
    Cancel at anytime.
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1 Account
$ 185
  • VPN Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Advanced Support includes every feature from the Basic Plan plus the following support times.
  • Performance Optimization
  • SEO on Page Setup, Keywords, Meta & Page Structure
  • Quarterly Strategy Call
  • Consultation & Guidance
  • Monthly Reports
  • Priority Email & Skype Support
  • Email Accounts Management
  • 5 Small Tasks A Month* (up to 2.5 hours per month)
  • No Contracts.
    Month-To-Month Subscription.
    Cancel at anytime.
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1 Account
$ 375
  • *Starting at $325/mo
    Custom support plans for larger business, membership, or e-commerce websites are available upon request. Additional tech and creative support can include the following:
  • VPN Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Hourly Remote Backups
  • Daily Database & Files. Backups kept for 30 days.
  • 20 Small Tasks A Month* (up to 10 hours per month)
  • Payment Processing
  • Weekly Reports
  • Priority Phone, Skype, Chat & Email Support
  • Membership Integration
  • Email Accounts Management
  • Email List & Blasts Management
  • Shopping Cart Fixes and Updating
  • No Contracts.
    Month-To-Month Subscription.
    Cancel at anytime.
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* Small tasks include content input, plugin installations and configuration. Each task capped at 30 minutes each.
** Our support plans include our VPN WordPress Hosting. If you already have hosting, we will audit your hosting and make any necessary recommendations.

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