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WordPress website care plan

You’re a business owner and your time is precious. Let’s TechUptodate manage your WordPress site care so you can focus on the tasks that are important to you. We specialize in WordPress site care and can manage your website. Check Our Wordpress Website Care Plan.

Why Growing Businesses Need WordPress Site Maintenance?

Techuptodate WordPress Maintenance Packages is the Perfect Solution for Your Web Care Solution. 

A growing business needs an expert website maintainer who maintains its business digital experience and grows more customers online. In the digital world, online presence matters, and maybe your competitor is already an expert in this competition so, let’s fall your competitor behind and make a strong presence in this digital world.

Some Strong Services which are included in WordPress Website Care Plan

  • Security Protection
  • Site Speed and Maintenance
  • Software Updates
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Priority Support
  • Backup Management 


Maintain your site by TechUptodate WordPress Developer Team.

Do you answer YES to any of these?

Our WordPress Website Care Plan has been designed to help you solve all of the below issues…

Transform Your Business with Our Comprehensive Range of Offered Services

Providing Premium Services through WordPress Web Care Plan for Your Business Growth

Content Management

If you require images to be changed every now and then we'll handle it. We can also assist you in putting your content into an article or page to format it and then schedule or publish, making sure that it's SEO-friendly and reducing your time and effort by taking care of all the work.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not require rocket science. It's about writing quality unique, distinctive, and consistent content.
Also, it involves doing various other technical tasks that...

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A Faster-Loading Website

Performance-oriented servers featuring advanced caching technology and a CDN to load websites in the fastest way possible.

Website Backup

The website you have created will be restored every week, including the database and all files. The database contains everything that is on your website, including website settings....

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Security Protection

As we all know, 90% of websites from around the world are built on WordPress and among all of them, more than 45,000 websites get hacked every day...

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Fast worldwide CDN

A CDN is a Content Delivery Network that, in the right way, allows for the rapid delivery of content to your website. Our WordPress Care Plan offer various CDN services in our Wordpress Website Care Plan that are based on what is best for your business. This could be added to Your VIP Program.

Managed Hosting

Superfast hosting designed specifically for WordPress is built upon the top-of-the-line platform of Google Cloud platform that delivers super-fast website speed by using the Content Delivery Network (CDN)to serve your website's content to users....

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Weekly Plugin & Theme Updates

If you have a WordPress website, you know the importance of plugin updates. With the right combination of plugins, a site can be functional.
We upgrade themes and plugins for you. You do not even....

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SSL security

We realize that your website is an expense for your company, therefore, we treat it with care. This is why every website hosted on our servers comes with SSL protection from Let's secure to ensure they're secure throughout the day...

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Software License Management

Websites I design and build require the use that comes from one to two top third-party plugins.
Each one costs 100 dollars per year to keep up-to-date. The plugin will function in the event....

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Software Updates

Each week, I check to determine whether WordPress themes, the core WordPress website frameworks, plugins, or themes require updating. To ensure that you are properly updating the code,....

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Security Updates

Advanced security features such as daily updates for core themes and plugins ensure your website is secure. We also provide technical assistance for any problems which may arise due to the....

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Weekly Reports

Complete transparency regarding updates as well as backups, uptime performance, traffic, and our 24-hour wp care plan support services.

Priority Support

Rapid response time to your support ticket from our help desk in the US We're here to help you with anything. We'll provide a prompt and friendly response.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

(number of..) check-ins per day in the duration of downtime. Micro downtime is the biggest threat to any website. Our Wordpress Website Care Plan solution will ensure that you have the best uptime, with very little downtime.

Entire Process Roadmap

Connecting Every Dots

Purchase Plan


We configure Your requirements, ideas and your business purpose then we will send you the entire flow about further process.


If your site is already structured then let’s share it with us and we configure it.


Check every part of site such as, SEO, Site Speed, Structure, Security and generate one clear report.


Star working on every services which include in your Plan.

Affordable Pricing

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$149 / month

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Basic Package

Basic WordPress Care Plan
$99.00 for each month
$990.00 for each year
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Advanced Package

Advance Wordpress Care Plan
$149.00 for each month
$1,490.00 for each year
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