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TechUptodate WordPress website development company constructs a number of business WordPress Websites with clients’ every required functionality that makes their business more competitive.

What WordPress Website Development Services Include

When you’re running a business, you’ll find as you progress, there are many tasks that appear that you didn’t sign up to do.

WordPress website development company services refer to the design and creation of custom WordPress websites. There are many different types of WordPress development services available, depending on your specific needs and goals. Some common types of WordPress development services include:

Overall, the specific types of wordpress website services available will depend on the provider you choose and your specific project requirements.

Services Which Care Your Website

Services can help ensure that a WordPress website is well-maintained, secure, and performing optimally.

Responsive and Lightning Website Development

A responsive and light theme design means that the website has been designed to use minimal graphics and styling, which can help improve its loading time and overall user experience and performance.

WordPress Plugin Development

By creating a well-designed and useful plugin, our developer can provide valuable functionality to WordPress users and potentially generate revenue from the plugin.

WordPress Migrating and Maintenance Services

Our WordPress web development services in migrating and maintenance services refer to the process of moving a WordPress website from one host to another, and providing ongoing support and maintenance for the website.

Custom WordPress CMS Development

We have developers who develop custom content management system (CMS) using the WordPress platform that used to create, manage, and publish digital content, such as text, images, and videos.

PSD To WordPress Development

We serve PSD to WordPress Conversion service in our PSD To WordPress Development. We develop and picture perfect website from PSD and make it browser friendly.

WordPress E-commerce

We are operating many sites which working as a online selling platform like, food selling sites, lifestyle product sites, booking sites etc. We have 5+ year experienced for developing E-commerce sites.

WordPress Theme Customization

We simply customize your WordPress theme according to browser friendly which helps site to crowl easily with fast speed. Site easily working with every types of device.

Payment Gateway Integration

We know your business need multiple payment received system integration from International to National. We provide simple and good payment integration system for you WordPress site

WordPress CMS installation and Configuration

We know you are not technical aware or not need to stuck in technical thighs. Our developer make easy for you, we serve you from WordPress installation to Management and Support.

Services Which Care Your Website

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS

WordPress is the core CMS (Content Management System) platform that is used to build and manage your WordPress websites.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress Maintenance & Care Plan

Themes and plugins are pre-built software packages that can be manage on your WordPress website to add additional features and functionality.


PHP Programming

PHP is the programming language that is used to develop WordPress themes and plugins, as well as to customize the core WordPress platform.

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MySQL is the database management system that is used to store and manage the data for a WordPress website, including posts, pages, comments, and user information.

WordPress CMS

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the core web development technologies that are used to create the front-end design and functionality of a WordPress website.

WordPress Website Development Portfolio by TechUptodate

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The Qualities Which Helps You to Select TechUptodate for WordPress Website Development

A good leadership, strategic thinking, innovation, customer focus, problem-solving, time management, teamwork make your business more professional

Responsive and Light Theme Design

A responsive design means that the website will automatically adjust its layout and appearance to fit the screen size of the device it is being viewed on, whether that is a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

5+ Year Experienced Developers

Our WordPress website development agency has 5+ years of experienced developers who manage your WordPress site with the industry-standard latest technology and make it very Qualitative from your competitor.

Non-disclosure Agreement

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a legal agreement that is used to protect your sensitive or confidential information and provide you with relief from disclosing the definition of your project.

A Perfect Team Management

Our project manager is working with a good concept that refers to an ideal way of organizing and managing a team in order to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

Guaranteed Time Delivery

Once the project plan is finalized, the development team will commit to delivering the project within the specified timeline. This may involve regular progress updates and communication with the client to ensure that the project remains on track.

Project Tracking System

In our provide Wordpress website package our client a structural tracking system for their project. This typically involves tracking key metrics and milestones, as well as providing real-time updates and reports on the project’s status.

SEO-friendly Websites

An SEO-friendly website is a website that has been designed and developed in a way that is optimized for search engines. That makes it easy for search engines to crawl, index, and understand the content on the website.

WordPress Support & Maintenance

A WordPress support and maintenance plan can help ensure that your website remains secure and up-to-date, and can save you time and hassle by taking care of the technical details for you.

Web Security

We provide high-end web security in our wordpress website development company service which is a set of measures and strategies that are implemented to protect a WordPress website from potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

TechUptodate Process of Your WordPress Website Development

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