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Many security plugins are available in the market but today I am going to tell you about the five most popular WordPress Security Plugins that secure your website from unusual activity and attacks. Let’s deep dive into the full article and get ideas about security plugins.

best wordpress security plugins
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5 Most Installed Premium WordPress Security Plugin

Nowadays WordPress security is essential for making your website more secure. Day by day increasing malware attacks are destroying our websites. It impacts our organic growth and destroys our ranking in Google also creating a weak reputation for our company.

Building a reputational brand in the current world is very important, and that is the reason security plugins are very matter in preventing WordPress sites from malware attacks.

In the article, you read about how we strengthen your WordPress website security with the most popular premium and free plugins!

How Below Best WordPress security plugins secure your website from Malware, threats, and attackers and save your website.

  1. iThemes security
  2. Wordfence Security Plugin
  3. All In One Security(AIOS) WordPress Plugin.
  4. Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin.
  5. WP Cerber WordPress Security Plugin

#1 iThemes security

wordfence 2fa

iThemes Security WordPress plugin is a popular plugin for adding strong security to your WordPress website from malware and attacks. iThemes security plugin provides powerful website scanning features along with many protections such as iThemes brute force network protection, Two-factor Authentication, etc.

It provides additional securities such as,

  • Database backups
  • IP address blocking
  • Security hardening
  • Web application firewall
  • File change detection


iThemes security is a useful plugin for their additional essential security features like the Magic login link that secures boat logins. iThemes plugin real-time monitoring is best for monitoring website security threats and it alerts you when harmful threats are caught.

iThemes support is very active and helps you to solve your problems and give you good support.

It shows you all-time login activities and shows you data according to it! From these entries, you can check all secure entries.

Difference between the Free Tier and Premium Tier of iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes plugin provides both types of services including free and chargeable. If your business is small and not many visits are a day, you can secure your site with a free tier plugin.

If your business is large and high-value clients visit daily then your WordPress site requires high security for making your site more secure.

Feature Free Tier Premium Tier
Site scanner Yes Yes
Brute force protection Yes Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes
Login security Yes Yes
File change detection Yes Yes
User Security Check No Yes
Database backups Yes Yes
User groups No Yes
Trusted devices No Yes
Activity logging Yes Yes
Real-time monitoring No Yes
Priority support No Yes
Magic Links & Password-less Login No Yes
Real-time WordPress Security Dashboard No Yes
WP-CLI Integration No Yes
User Activity Logging No Yes

#2 Wordfence Security Plugin

WordPress security plugin comparison

Wordfence Security Plugin is also one of the most usable plugins for end-to-end security. Many developers prefer to use secure websites. Majorly Wordfence plugin is popular for it’s strong malware scan feature and security login protection, Two-step Authentication, and more basic features that require your websites.

Wordfence pricing is very affordable and with that, they provide good support to their user to protect out website.

Wordfence’s free version provides an amount of basic functionality that is required for small sites.

Comparison of Wordfence Security Plugin Free Tier and Premium Tier Features

Feature Free Tier Premium Tier Care
Scheduled Security Scans Every 3 Days Unlimited Unlimited
Plugin/Theme Vulnerability Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
File Change Detection Yes Yes Yes
Intrusion Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Rate Limiting Yes Yes Yes
Brute Force Protection Yes Yes Yes
Login Security - 2FA & RECAPTCHA Yes Yes Yes
The Wordfence Firewall No No Yes
The Wordfence Malware Scanner Signatures delayed 30 days Real-time signatures Real-time signatures
Real-Time IP Blocklist No Yes Yes
Country Blocking No Yes Yes
Customer Support Level Volunteer forums Ticket based Priority ticket based
We Install Wordfence No No Yes
We Configure Wordfence No No Yes
We Optimize Wordfence for Performance & Security No No Yes
We Provide a Security Audit & Recommendations No No 24/7 priority support
Cleanup if We Find Malware During the Audit No No Yes
We Monitor your Site Security No No Yes

#3 All In One Security(AIOS) WordPress Plugin

secure wordpress

All in one WP security is one of the best wordpress security plugins provided by one of the well-known company UpdraftPlus that secure users from two types of Vulnerabilities, Data sanitization failure, and Traversal Vulnerability. AIOS has over one million+ active installations in wordpress with 1,445+ 5-star ratings.

WordPress developers are like All in One WordPress Security because of their strong security functionality. It provides many helpful features like firewall protections, a malware scanner that scans your website vulnerabilities, and security threats.

AIOS prevents unauthorized users from logging in and provides Two-factor authentication. Real-time monitoring monitors your website and alerts you if anything is detected.

WordPress All in One wp Security plugin content protection features prevent users from content spam, iFrame protection, and front-end text copy protection.

Additionally, it provides many useful features such as Country Blocking, Smart 404 Blocking, Email Notifications, Security Reports, and good support.

Comparison of All In One Security(AIOS) WordPress Plugin Free Tier and Premium Tier

Feature Free Tier Premium Tier
Firewall Yes Yes
Malware scanner Yes Yes
Login security Yes Yes
Two-factor authentication Yes Yes
Real-time monitoring Yes Yes
User security No Yes
Content protection Yes Yes
TFA Multisite Compatibility No Yes
Country blocking No Yes
Support Login Forms No Yes
Response time & Up-time monitoring No Yes
Alerts you to blacklisting by search engines No Yes
Flexible assignment & Malware report No Yes
Authenticator apps Yes Yes
Role specific configuration No Yes
Trusted devices - control how often TFA is required No Yes
Anti-bot protection No Yes
404 error charts No Yes
Country Blocking No Yes
Premium Support No Yes

#4 Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

wp two factor authentication

Sucuri is also one of the best security plugin for secure your site form threats and unsecured attempt. Sucuri website scan helps you to make your site more clean and free from unwanted virus files. Sucuri plugins provide many security features like server-side scanning, security alerts, and monitoring, malware cleanup, and more.

Additionally, Sucuri Security Plugin has many helpful features like File integrity monitoring, Blocklist monitoring, and Post-hack security actions, As a premium feature it provides website firewall protection and many functionalities.

Sucuri completed 900,000+ active installations with a 4-star rating out of 5. You can check all free tier and premium tier features below.

Comparison of Sucuri Free vs Paid

Check Sucuri Free vs Paid plans of the plugin with available features in the free tier and premium tiers. The paid tier provides extra support and security features. Let’s scan all offered features in the below table.

Feature Free Tier Premium Tier
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Yes Yes
Smart Caching Options Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Support No Yes
Sucuri Dashboard API Yes Yes
Multi-tenancy Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Management Yes Yes
Automatic Cleanup Yes Yes
Reduced Server Load Yes Yes
Security Scans Yes Yes
Malware Detection Yes Yes
Security Anomaly Detection Yes Yes
Blocklist Monitoring Yes Yes
File Change Detection Yes Yes
DNS Monitoring Yes Yes
Quarantined Backups Yes Yes
Instant Notifications Yes Yes
Log Correlation Integration (SIEM) Yes Yes
Fast Page Speed Yes Yes
Bandwidth Limit Yes Yes
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Yes Yes
Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Yes Yes
DDoS Attack Mitigation Yes Yes
Brute Force Protection Yes Yes
Block Hack Attempts Yes Yes
Prevent Zero-Day Exploits Yes Yes
Protected Pages Yes Yes
Heuristic Correlation Engine Yes Yes
Load Balancing / Failover Yes Yes
Custom Rule Sets Yes Yes
Dedicated Network Resources Yes Yes
Custom Firewall Block Page Yes Yes
Enterprise DDoS Support Yes Yes
Global Anycast CDN Yes Yes
Hack Cleanup & Malware Removal Yes Yes

#5 WP Cerber WordPress Security Plugin

How to choose a WordPress security plugin

Securing website WP Cerber Security is one of the good plugins with end-to-end security features and more. WP Cerber plugins also provide helpful security such as Malware Scanner, Real-time monitoring, Country blocking, IP Address blocking, Content protection, Database backups, and more.

WP Cerber Security Plugin dashboard shows you all monitoring data in a good manner that helps you to monitor data easily.

WP Cerber security anti-spam & malware scan Plugin Login Security and two-factor authentication prevent relevant spammy users and secure login attempts.

Comparison of WP Cerber WordPress Security Plugin Free Tier and Premium Tier

Cerber Security Protection Local Protection Cloud Protection
Spam Protection Automated spam protection Layered spam protection
Automated integrity checks No Yes
Rich GEO access rules No Yes
Professional support No Yes
User Activity Monitoring No Yes
User Security Check No Yes
Security hardening recommendations No Yes

Pricing of all Best WordPress Security Plugins

All plugins provide different types of security features according to their products. All plugins charge some money according to their provable features. Let’s check all the plugin’s prices.

iThemes Security = $99/year
Wordfence Security = $119/year
All In One WP Security & Firewall = $80/Year
Sucuri Security = $199/year
WP Cerber Security = $99/year

All WordPress Security Plugins Comparisons by User Review

All wordpress plugins are good and primarily useful for the security of wordpress websites by hackers and malware attackers. It prevents irrelevant users and boats and makes your website secure.

At the end of the information about WordPress Security

There are various WordPress Security Plugin available to protect your website from viruses and hackers. However, these tools differ in their capabilities. Consider iThemes Security Pro and Wordfence Security as two renowned superheroes among these tools.

In comparison, they offer a free version with basic features and access to their full range of superpowers requires payment. On the other hand, All In One WP Security & Firewall acts as a reliable free bodyguard for your website.

Although it may not be as extravagant as iThemes Security Pro or Wordfence Security, it effectively performs its duties. Sucuri Security can be compared to a deluxe bodyguard that comes at a higher cost but offers advanced features and gadgets. Additionally, if your website ever encounters any issues, Sucuri will handle the cleanup process.

Another impressive option is the WP Cerber WordPress Security Plugin, known for its speed, strength, and numerous tricks. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific requirements and budget constraints. If uncertain, you can begin by trying out some free bodyguards to determine which one suits you best.

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